a Qlou is a Freelance Online Marketing Consultant, specialized in business to IT translation, channel strategy definition and project / product management. You can get your own Qlou!

What's a Qlou?

a Qlou is specialized in online marketing, more particularly in optimizing digital marketing strategy and underpinning it with a solid channel strategy.

a Qlou's strength is in assessing digital marketing opportunities and creating value by optimizing the multi-channel marking mix. a Qlou runs the extra mile from defining the multi-channel business model to driving execution with IT stakeholders, taking your e-mail marketing strategy, profile managament capability, segmentation guidelines, mobility strategy, ... to the next level.

a Qlou has a particular interest in the pharma and FMCG industries.

What to do if you haven't got a Qlou?

well ... from now on, you can hire a Qlou! Qlou offers on-site business consulting, management advice, project management, channel analysis, ... a Qlou can be your catalyst, to evaluate your digital footprint, redefine your channel strategy and take it through the execution phase, with a nose for detail and a dose of pragmatism.

Where to get a Qlou?

for now, there's only 1 Qlou, you can learn all about it at LinkedIn.
if you're desperately in need of a qlou, you can reach out through need[a]qlou.be

if you feel like you'd make a perfect qlou, you can reach out through am[a]qlou.be

Qlou is a Belgian company managed by digital marketing strategist Maarten Raemdonck.
Maarten holds master degrees in Computer Science and Marketing/Business Communication from the University of Ghent. He has further sharpened his strategy and business modeling skills at the Vlerick Business School.
Maarten has built up over 5 years of experience in global digital marketing programmes in top players in the pharmaceutical industry.